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Regular maintenance of office carpets has the following benefits

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Maintaining the beauty and quality of carpets: Regular cleaning and maintenance of carpets can maintain their beauty and quality, and extend their service life.
Reduce carpet wear: If the carpet is not regularly cleaned and maintained, stains and moisture on the ground can corrode the carpet fibers, leading to accelerated carpet wear.
Improving indoor air quality: Regular cleaning of carpets can reduce dust and bacteria in indoor air and improve indoor air quality.

Reducing the burden of household chores: Regularly taking care of office carpets can reduce the burden of household chores, prevent carpets from getting dirty and producing odors, and make the home environment cleaner and more comfortable.
Increase comfort: Clean and well maintained carpets can increase indoor comfort, making people feel more comfortable and relaxed.
In short, regularly taking care of office carpets can extend their lifespan, improve indoor air quality and comfort, and reduce household chores. It is a very worthwhile investment.