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How to choose a suitable carpet?

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How to choose a suitable office carpet? There are also quite a few carpets available for various purposes, which are for reference only. The specific selection of carpet usage depends on the site and purpose. Overall


① Do not buy products with unpleasant odors, as they can easily shed hair after prolonged use.
② Don't buy too hard ones, they can damage the floor after being used for a long time.
The situation of segmentation is shared as follows:
For example, in the formal working environment of the office, gray and brown short haired hard fur office carpets are suitable because they are not too dirty and convenient for vacuum cleaner work, as well as cleaning work in the later stage;
For example, hotels are suitable for carpets with medium to long hair, such as light yellow and milky white. The reason is that they give people a clean and romantic feeling. Walking barefoot is more comfortable and warm, and the sound insulation effect is also very good;
The office carpets used in the home are selected based on short hair, wool, light colors, and simple patterns. The reason is that short hair is easy to manage, wool is healthier, light colors need to be cleaned in a timely manner, and simple patterns are more tasteful;