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Analysis of the types and advantages and disadvantages of office decoration carpets

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In addition to flooring, office carpets are commonly used in office decoration. Carpets have the advantages of warmth, elegance, sensitivity, sound absorption, soft texture, comfortable foot feel, and safe use, as well as insulation and moisture resistance; The disadvantage is that it is easy to get dirty and difficult to clean, which is not as durable as other materials, so it is often used in senior management offices, meeting rooms, and multi-functional activity rooms.


The commonly used office carpets for office decoration include:
1、 Pure wool carpet.
The main raw material of pure wool carpets is coarse cotton wool. Pure wool carpets have a soft feel, high tensile strength, good elasticity, beautiful patterns, bright colors, thick texture, comfortable foot feel, and have characteristics such as anti-static, non aging, and non fading. They are the main materials for floor decoration in office space decoration. The disadvantage is that pure wool carpets have poor bacterial, insect, and moisture resistance, and are expensive.
2、 Blended carpet.
Blended carpets are made by adding a certain proportion of synthetic fibers to pure wool fibers. Blended carpets are similar to pure wool carpets in terms of pattern, color, texture, and feel, but they overcome the shortcomings of pure wool carpets such as insectness, corrosion, and moldiness. While greatly improving carpet wear resistance, they also reduce the price of carpets.
3、 Chemical fiber carpet
Chemical fiber office carpets, also known as synthetic fiber carpets, are made from chemical fibers such as cotton fiber (also known as nylon fiber), polypropylene fiber (also known as polypropylene fiber), acrylic fiber, polyester, etc. Its texture and visual effect are similar to wool, with bright colors and rich patterns no less than pure wool carpets. It has characteristics such as wear resistance, elasticity, flame resistance, stain resistance, and insect resistance, and is easy to clean and maintain. It is widely used in general office spaces.
4、 Plastic carpet
Plastic office carpets are made of materials such as polyvinyl chloride. Although the texture is thin, hard to handle, greatly affected by temperature, and prone to aging, plastic carpets have rich and bright colors, better moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, insect resistance, and washability than other materials. They also have the advantages of flame retardancy and low price. They are often used in office building decoration in places such as foyers, hallways, and bathroom entrances.
The above is an analysis of the types and advantages and disadvantages of office decoration carpets, hoping to be helpful for everyone in choosing the carpet that suits them during the office decoration process.