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Wilton block blanket dream MDF007, bring surprises every day

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Wilton blanket dream code MDF007 carpet wool and chemical fiber are mainly divided into two categories: pure wool carpet woven and woven two. The former is a pure wool carpet product produced by radical handicraft technology, the latter is a modern pure wool carpet product selected by machine production. Cover in the domicile, hotel, gymnasium, exhibition hall, vehicle, ship, aircraft and so on, have the noise reduction, the Wilton block blanket dream MDF008 heat insulation and the decoration function. Carpet has good elasticity, dirt resistance and carpet. It is an indispensable accessory element in Chinese household since ancient times. Wilton's blanket, MDF013, is produced by washing and other processes. It is made by weaving or knitting or weaving.
Internationally, it has one of the traditional arts and crafts in the long history. The structure of carpet is mainly made from animal hair, plant hemp, synthetic fiber and so on. It has the characteristics of fine wool quality, common skills and elegant pictures, emitting a long, rhyme, refined and refined, and highly artistic and preservation value. Classical Chinese carpet with its exquisite and rich planning, the common production technology, the effect of the elegant and elegant temperament, and the cold house also because of the decoration of the carpet warmer. Not afraid to step on, fade, and not deform.