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Cut down carpet, enjoy carpet aesthetic moment

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The Plush length of the cut carpet is generally between 5 and 30 mm. The durability of the carpet with short plush is good. The cut carpet G05, the cut carpet G03 and the cut carpet G10 are light and practical, but lack of luxury and comfortable elasticity. The plush carpet with long plush plush is soft and plump. The Plush structure of the cut carpet is plush, and the plush structure of the cut carpet is plush. Suede is delicate, soft, and the length of fluff is usually between 5 and 30 mm. The carpet with short fluff has good durability, light walking, strong practicability, but lacks luxury and poor comfort and elasticity.

The carpet with long pile is soft and plump, has good elasticity and warmth retention, feet feel comfortable, and has gorgeous style. It has good elasticity and warmth retention, feet feel comfortable and has gorgeous style. The velvet surface of the velvet ring carpet consists of a certain height of velvet ring, which has the characteristics of neat and even velvet, moderate hardness and smoothness, comfortable walking, good wear resistance and easy cleaning. It is suitable for walking. If more places are laid in the loop height changes, or local loop to cut down, it can show patterns, implicit and generous patterns, elegant style.