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Wilton Blanket Classic MDF 8015, High Efficiency Existence

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Wilton blanket classic MDF8015 production process originated in the Wilton region of the United Kingdom named. Wilton carpet generally refers to a kind of machine-made carpet with warp yarn, weft yarn and velvet yarn interlaced. It is made by gluing and shearing. One-sided Wilton carpet: good appearance, stable blanket shape, no hair removal phenomenon, because of its special manufacturing materials, its flame retardant, antistatic function is excellent. Wilton Blanket Classic, Wilton Blanket Classic MDF8014, Wilton Blanket Classic MDF8016 are very suitable for use in aircraft with high requirements for flame retardant function.
Wilton carpet has velvety carpet effect, color harmony, warm and elegant. Excellent fluff fastness, appearance persistence, clear pattern decoration ability. It is generally suitable for making household blankets and guest room blankets for hotels and apartments. Other carpets are suitable for use in advanced yachts, passenger ships and hotels. Double Wilton Carpet: This kind of carpet originated in Belgium. The loom is characterized by plump fabric, tight structure and large square meter velvet yarn. The loom is double-layer fabric, so the output power is relatively fast. Wilton carpet is mainly used in Hotel rooms, because the carpet fabric is full, elastic, comfortable laying room feet, ideal products of hotel room carpets.