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Technology and Characteristics of Tufted Carpet

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Mengdian Carpet, tells you about tufted carpet, which is rich in color, variety and wide applicability. The main laying places are Hotel rooms, corridors, small halls, public areas, carpets for automobiles, etc. So what is tufted carpet? What are the characteristics and techniques of tufted carpet? Let's take a look at the information about tufted carpets.

What is tufted carpet?

Tufting carpet is a kind of machine-made carpet which uses tufting machine needles to move up and down on the chemical fibre fabric substrates, forming a loop or cut down carpet surface, referred to as tufting carpet.

Main Technology of Tufting Carpet

1. Material preparation, the preheated and finalized propylene fibers are woven into base cloth and various chemical fibre yarns needed for pile planting.

2. Velvet-planting and setting, that is, to arrange needle-arranging machine-guided chemical fiber yarns on propylene fibre base cloth and to plant them at high speed, so as to form neat and dense loop or cut down on blanket surface.

3. Scrape synthetic latex or polyester adhesives on the back of the blanket, and bond the undercloth and planting down into a solid whole.

4. Post-finishing process, including flat blanket surface of shearing machine, blanket printing, blanket back pasted with styrene-butadiene rubber or polyurethane foam plastic backing or jute backing, steam fluffy and finishing blanket surface, etc.

Characteristics of tufted carpet

1. Variety of designs and styles is complete and the range of choices is very wide.

2. Tufting carpet has plump appearance, elasticity and durability.

3. Product grade covers high, middle and low levels, which can meet different customer needs.

4. High production efficiency and short delivery period.

5. High dimensional stability, no shrinkage problem in use;

6. The product has wide applicability and can be used in different places.

Blanket Style of Tufted Carpet

The common styles of tufted blankets are: flat-loop, flat-cut, jacquard, cut-down jacquard, high-cut low-loop and high-loop low-cut, and also adopt the high-low-pile jacquard style composed of tufted secondary weaving.