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What are the key points of quality control in carpet surface construction

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mengdian carpet knitting to tell you about carpet surface construction quality control points:

1) The surface of the base should be flat, without pits, pits and cracks, and keep clean. The uneven areas should be filled with cement mortar in advance.

2) The length of each carpet after cutting is about 20 mm longer than that of the room. The width of each carpet should be calculated by the size of the edge of the carpet, and the elastic line should be used to cut the edge.

3) When using wooden card to fix carpet, the card should be fixed on the basement along 10-20 mm from the corner of the room.

4) Carpets are backside seams, which are bonded with seams or tapes. They should be firm and flat at the seams. After the seams are finished, the fluff in the front of the carpet joint should be repaired with shovels.

5) The carpet should be stretched step by step in the vertical and horizontal direction with tensioner to make it tight and flat. The thrust should be appropriate. Carpet should be torn up easily if it is too big, and the slight movement should be uneven. When laying movable carpet, the cross control block should be laid in the middle of the room according to the cross line, and then the cross control block should be laid around the room.