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Carpet Handling and Cleaning

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Mengdian carpet knitting to tell you about carpet cleaning, we all know that carpet has many advantages, such as good elasticity, beauty, sound absorption, and so on, and its biggest disadvantage is that it is a bit troublesome to manage. However, as long as the dust is cleaned in time and maintained properly, the service life of carpets is quite long.

Because the surface of carpet fibers are easy to adhere to dust, so we usually use vacuum cleaner to vacuum carpet regularly according to the specific environment. If there are slight stains, spray some clean water wet carpet on the stained carpet with a spray pot, soak it for about 3 to 5 minutes, then squeeze dry carpet with a dry towel to absorb moisture, then spray a little carpet detergent with the effect of degreasing, anti-mildew and drying, brush it with hand after a moment (brush from around to the middle to prevent dirt spread), and then repeat the action with a towel to clean it. Drain the water until it is clean.

When the carpet is stained with liquid, it is necessary to quickly absorb the stain on the surface with a towel or paper towel, then wet the surface with warm water, and then repeatedly dry the water with a towel until there is no stain. If you encounter a stubborn stain, you need to add a softener in warm water, let the stained surface soak in water for 5 - 15 minutes, and then repeatedly rinse with water.

Add 4 cups of vinegar to 4-warming water, soak and dry with a towel, then wipe. Vinegar not only prevents carpet from discolouring or fading, but also eliminates pet odor. Soda water also has deodorizing effect. After wiping, the carpet is placed in a ventilated place to dry. When carpet dust removal method is used to clean carpet, salt can be sprinkled first, which has the function of inhibiting dust flying. Because salt can absorb dust, even the smallest dust can be cleaned up. This will also make the carpet more durable and brighter.

Make footpads out of old clothes. Cut the thick clothes into square or oval shapes without wearing them. Attach an old acrylic shirt to them and stick them together or sew them together. A good-looking and practical foot mat is ready. It can absorb the dust brought back from our feet outdoors and is very effective outside the door. It is also very convenient to make, according to their own personal preferences to make a variety of images.