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A Smart Way to Clean Ordinary Carpets

* 来源: * 作者: admin * 发表时间: 2019/07/23 14:49:35 * 浏览: 77
Many people will use ordinary carpets in their homes. When we use them, there will inevitably be some stains. We can solve these stains in this way.

1. Clean up with a vacuum cleaner. This method is mostly to deal with the dust hidden in ordinary carpets, and the effect is very good.

2. Sometimes we accidentally spill coffee, cola or juice on the carpet. For these, we can use dry cloth or paper towel to absorb moisture, and then pat the stain with vinegar wet dry cloth to wipe it off.

3. The method of adding vinegar with warm water can remove the odor of ordinary carpet very well.

4. Different stains need to be treated properly so as to ensure that our cleaning will not harm the carpet.