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The importance and choice of carpet color

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From the aesthetic point of view, the choice of carpet color and pattern is more important than the choice of carpet category. Carpet as a floor decoration material in hotel engineering and renovation projects and other materials such as toilets, furniture and so on, although the cost is low, but the role is far more important than any decoration.

Color is the feeling of reflecting light to the human eye and the reflection of external substances on the retina of the eye. So the carpet color depends on the specific reflected light. Due to the different light, the choice of carpet color should be carried out under the same light in the paved carpet area.

Color can change mood and atmosphere, bring vitality to any place. Carpet color can be used to weaken, emphasize or harmoniously decorate style.

The carpet with yellow and red series can produce a comfortable and intimate atmosphere, warm the cold room and make the big room smaller. The same cold colors of blue, green and purple have the opposite effect, it will produce a quiet atmosphere, can make the room larger.

The same as the color, the pattern will also change or coordinate a certain environment, so when choosing the pattern, in addition to combining with the color, the decoration style and decoration color are mainly considered. From the perspective of visual image, the larger the carpet space, the larger the pattern. In the public part of the project, the multi-color jacquard should be the main pattern, while in the guest room, the small pattern with coordinated color is suitable. In order to better protect and extend the service life of the carpet and cover up cigarette butts and sporadic pollution in the use process of the carpet, it is better to use small jacquard products for the room carpet.