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Maintenance method of square carpet

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1. Keep the carpet clean and dry. After using the carpet net for one year, the carpet should be moved to the outside, knocked out of dust and dried, but do not expose to the sun. Do not put it directly in the sun, otherwise the carpet sales will fade. When the carpet is re laid, the floor shall be cleaned.

2. Regularly go to the wool carpet professional cleaning shop for cleaning, or ask someone to clean it on site

3. After two or three years of carpet laying, it is necessary to clean the carpet with chemical pure silk.

4. If the carpet after cleaning continues to be paved, the floor shall be cleaned before paving.

5. It's better to wax the wood floor carpet factory. After two or three days, sprinkle a layer of sanitary sphere on the floor, and then lay the carpet.

6. When storing carpet, put carpet insect repellent, but it is better not to

7. Contact the carpet itself to prevent corrosion. Then wrap the carpet tightly and sell it in a ventilated place. It's better to put it half to one meter above the ground.