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We need the right carpet for office

* 来源: * 作者: admin * 发表时间: 2020/06/29 16:08:31 * 浏览: 30
Office carpet is widely used now, because carpet itself has many advantages. Laying in the office also has many advantages. So the office carpet is not welcome. So the question is, what kind of carpet should we choose. I think it's better to choose the right one. Let me find out.

To choose the color of carpet, in addition to considering my hobbies, we should also cooperate with each other in the angular momentum of indoor space and my life style. Pure color and carpet without pattern case are generally easy to show dirt and footprints. Choose the carpet with good quality. Because the carpet of high quality will go through special production and processing in the process of processing, it can show the guarantee of anti fouling, anti fouling and anti abrasion. Frequent areas are easy to be polluted by the environment, and the stains will spread to other areas in the room along with the pace. Therefore, a small carpet should be added at the entrance of the entrance of the entrance to the house to wipe off the shoe dust, which can reduce the accumulation and distribution of floating dust. After the carpet and chemicals touch, it will cause organic chemical dirt or fade. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the carpet from dyeing the common chemicals in the home, such as bleach, insect repellent, key cleaning fluid and skin care products. In addition, the carpet can not be directly irradiated by the sun for a long time, otherwise it will fade. The carpet must be frequently dusted. As the floating dust accumulates in the carpet, it will damage the chemical fiber, and make the color of the carpet dimmer and dimmer. In the service hall, corridor and areas where people often walk, the dust should be dusted twice or three times a week, and the bedroom should also be dusted once a week. The selection of vacuum cleaner and the way of dust removal will also harm the actual cleaning effect. The vacuum cleaner equipped with a rotary dust removal brush can reasonably absorb the floating dust in the fabric. In the case of dust removal, it is necessary to gradually promote the vacuum cleaner. The posture should be to push the dust removal brush, pull it and then push it. In addition to regular dust removal, we can also carry out the dry cleaning shop for carpet after paving for a period of time, and use the dry cleaner to clean the carpet independently; every two years or so, the interview asks the cleaning company to provide door-to-door service to completely clean the carpet, so as to ensure the long service life of the carpet.