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How to choose the office carpet suitable for you?

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The originality of carpet and the benefits of carpet application have long been well known. Usually, the space where carpet is laid is relatively quiet, and the carpet can absorb the sound of footsteps and the noise from the collision between home and the ground. It can attract the air as the medium of the noise, ensure the sound control. In fact, carpeting is enough for an open, flat corporate office. Carpet has a wide range of uses. At present, the color, texture and surface design ideas of carpet on the market are dazzling. The carpet looks very soft and gives the whole space an overall appearance. It is a safe and non slippery material. If properly maintained, the appearance of the carpet can be maintained for many years.

However, carpet is not a kind of floor material. When you choose a carpet, you must ask, "how long can this beautiful carpet last? According to the order of importance, the factors to be considered are: traffic volume, fiber texture, appearance, appearance including color and texture, and price. In areas with high application frequency, 1000 tramples per day. This usually means that there is a small amount of outdoor soil adhesion and some drinks splashed wet, as well as some places where there are traffic arteries. In this kind of area, it usually includes clerks' and secretaries' working areas as well as company office corridors, so the requirements for carpet weaving are more strict.