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What's the advantage of carpet in a hotel?

* 来源: * 作者: admin * 发表时间: 2020/12/31 13:15:00 * 浏览: 31
First of all, it can improve the level of the hotel. As a comfortable floor covering material, the carpet of Mengdian hotel can echo the decoration of the hotel according to its unique patterns and patterns. Enhance the overall decoration aesthetic feeling, so that everyone experience to strengthen.

Second, practicality. The carpet of Mengdian hotel has a cushioning effect. It's more comfortable to step on and has a good foot feel. The sole of the foot does not feel too hard, people are not easy to fatigue.

The third is sound insulation. Imagine the floor tiles and floors. Women's high-heeled shoes are bound to make a clattering sound when walking on them. This is intolerable in public places such as hotels. The carpet of Mengdian hotel can solve this problem.

Fourth, the carpet of Mengdian hotel is dustproof and insect proof, which you may not understand. Dustproof is because the surface of the carpet is wool, dust falls on it, it will directly enter into the wool. This is the same way that carpet absorbs dust. No matter how much you step on it, dust will not fly easily. Especially in this era when PM2.5 seriously exceeds the standard, a piece of carpet can clean the air at home and hotel to a certain extent.