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What is the function of laying office carpet?

* 来源: * 作者: admin * 发表时间: 2021/01/04 13:16:42 * 浏览: 27
Laying carpet in the office can be said to be a more common situation, so what is the role of laying office carpet?

1. Improve the air index, the surface of the carpet can absorb the dust in the air, so as to improve the air index.

2. The sound insulation and noise reduction effect of the carpet is very good.

3. Safety factor, carpet is a kind of flexible paving raw material, not easy to fall, more safety.

4. No harm, carpet does not have radiation source, not easy to release toxic substances, more environmental protection.

5. It can improve the upper foot. It's very comfortable to step on the carpet. It can improve the upper foot.

6. There are practical effects of plastic arts cleaning, rich and colorful patterns and colors of carpets, as well as different modeling designs, which can clean up the family environment.