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Carpet in the production process of some common quality problems?

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In the production process is also essential, there are some quality problems, let's take a look at it.

1. In the process of carpet production and processing, the latex and various additives used in the back gluing and other manufacturing processes will inevitably retain some harmful substances, so when laying and using, it will bring certain degree of pollution to the indoor space. When we purchase and accept the carpet, we need to check the product quality report to see whether it meets the standard, When acceptance, we should also pay attention to whether it will bring pollution in all aspects.

2. Carpet pavement is divided into fixed type and movable type, and their construction acceptance requirements are different. Fixed carpet requires that the metal strip, metal strip and other ancillary equipment should meet the design requirements, and the tightness of the carpet should be appropriate, - the strip and metal strip must be used, and the carpet in contact with the wall should be extended to the gap between the strip and the skirting line, and the adhesive should be used. The acceptance factor of the movable carpet is that the periphery should be under the skirting line, and the ground connection should pay attention to the necking and the squeezing between the carpets.

3. The carpet has rich patterns, gorgeous colors and diversified shapes, which can beautify the decorative environment and reflect personality. That in the acceptance, we should pay attention to check whether the carpet surface is flat, whether the carpet edge is straight, and whether there are defects, oil stains and color differences. To avoid carpet in the laying of drum, inequality, this will lose comfort, beautiful effect, affect our original intention.