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How to clean and maintain the carpet?

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Warm tips: because the carpet is made of nylon and wool, it is easy to absorb dust and dirt. If these dust and dirt are not cleaned up in time, they will fly indoors. As time goes by, they will penetrate into the bottom of the carpet, and even breed bacteria and become moldy and smelly. So we need to master the correct carpet cleaning and maintenance methods.

1. Dust collection is an important part of carpet maintenance, so we should choose a better quality cleaner. In addition, the vacuum cleaner should be cleaned frequently, and the dust filter parts such as the dust bag and the dust screen should also be cleaned frequently. Only in this way can the better dust collection effect be ensured.

2. Every other month or so, the carpet in the public area should be cleaned and maintained. Use carpet cleaner or multi-function cleaner with carpet brush to mix carpet cleaner with water in proportion and inject it into water tank for air drying.

3. Carpet use about 3 months, the surface stains will penetrate to the root of the carpet, mixed with dust and sand stains will be hidden in the bottom of the carpet. Mid level cleaning and maintenance, can only clean the carpet surface and can not clean the root of the carpet. Therefore, at this time, the dirt on the root of the carpet must be completely removed, and the heavy stains can be repeatedly cleaned until they are clean. Then absorb water and air dry. Do not use carpet when it is not dry.

In addition, the sun is a good way to disinfect and sterilize. It is suggested that you can often sterilize the carpets in batches.