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The purchase of home carpet

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When the hot summer leaves us gradually, it's time for us to decorate our home. First of all, we should think of spreading soft carpet for our home. This will make us feel all kinds of warm and happy feeling under our feet. On how to choose carpet, I will introduce the tips of choosing carpet.

When we buy Carpet, we should first consider wool carpet, especially New Zealand wool carpet. Because the material of wool carpet is the best of carpet materials. Because the wool blanket has fine and soft texture, good handle, strong color fastness, and has the characteristics of anti moth, non combustion, easy cleaning and warm keeping;

The main factor that carpet chooses to consider even is to undertake choosing according to oneself adornment style and family characteristic.

We usually choose French classical furniture or European style. When we want to use carpet to set off the furnishings, we can choose a carpet with the same color as the existing home decoration to set off each other; Most of the carpets in the family are full carpets, because full carpets present a large style, because full carpets cover a large area. When they are laid, they are mostly cut into whole carpets according to the needs of space shape. Most of them are used in the overall space of a large area. For example, if the living room has a large space, you can choose full carpets.

The square carpet is suitable for scattered space. It can be used in small space decoration, but it can also be placed in large space. The square carpet with three-dimensional feeling can also be used as decoration. Even if it is hung on the wall, it is very beautiful.