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Difference between machine made carpet and woven carpet

* 来源: * 作者: admin * 发表时间: 2021/04/29 13:38:44 * 浏览: 29
The difference between machine-made carpet and woven carpet, many people can not correctly distinguish, including many people engaged in the carpet industry. First of all, explain the relationship they belong to. In mathematical language, woven carpet should be included in machine-made carpet, that is to say, machine-made carpet includes woven carpet. Woven carpet is an element of machine-made carpet. Other elements include tufted carpet, patchwork carpet and needled carpet.

1. Woven carpet: it is mainly produced by two kinds of looms. They are ackminster loom and Wilton loom. Woven carpet is a good product of machine-made carpet. Wool and nylon are the main raw materials.

2. Tufted carpet: the product forms U-shaped tufts. Firstly, the tufting machine is used to prick the yarn into the base cloth, and then glue the back to glue the base cloth. Tufted carpet has the characteristics of large output, wide range of use and medium price.

3. Patchwork carpet: the former is tufted carpet, which is processed and cut into 50cm × 50cm,800cm × 800cm,900cm × 900cm or other small square carpet blocks are spliced to form a three-dimensional full carpet. The advantages of pavement and convenient transportation are mostly used in office buildings.

4. Needled carpet: needled carpet is a kind of carpet with low consumption in machine-made carpet, most of which are used for floor decoration in public places. Later, after the improvement of the production process, the fastness of the needled carpet was greatly improved, and gradually showed the effect of carpet surface shaping, but the appearance was close to that of tufted carpet.