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Office carpet you may not know about the cold knowledge

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In the past, when the office carpet is not popular in time, the office decoration of office buildings or high-rise residential buildings usually choose the full roll carpet with deep color, atmospheric and dirt resistance.

Its specifications are generally 3.66 meters or 4 meters in width, 25-30 meters in length, super large full carpet. The rolled carpet is large in area and heavy in weight. When transported, the office carpet will be rolled upstairs by crane or manual handling.

The office carpet needs to be well prepared, such as moving out all the things in the office and cutting and paving the carpet.

Of course, there are also some problems after the event. For example, after a long time, part of the carpet area of the company will be damaged or polluted. You have to repair and clean the area as a whole, which is inconvenient to repair.

If the dirt and damaged area cannot be repaired, the carpet must be taken apart as a whole, which can't wait to repeat the whole installation process

Due to the different patterns on the carpet, 8% - 20% of the loss is caused.

Large scale pavement site should match pattern and joint, so the loss will be large. Now, the carpet industry is developing rapidly. There are more kinds of office carpets than before. Today, the most popular carpet is square carpet!