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What are the quality control points of carpet surface construction

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Jinan Mengdian carpet Co., Ltd. is a zero row and environment protection enterprise invested and built by Beijing Mengdian carpet Co., Ltd. with more than 20 years of experience in carpet production. The company is located in Sunji Town Industrial Park, covering an area of 200 mu. It has two independent brands, namely "jinbilin" and "Oriental Tiger", and has a strong market share of one third of the country. The main equipment is provided by the equipment manufacturers such as cobel, MC company in the United States, vandville company in Belgium and newmag company in Germany. The annual output of the design is 12million square meters, annual output value is 1.1 billion, profits and taxes are 150 million, and the staff is 1500.

The company has 60000 flat factory buildings, 20000 flat storerooms, 10000 flat dormitories, 9000 flat offices and exhibition halls and other infrastructure, and at the same time, combined with the human resources of Sun Ji Town manual carpet, to build a production base for manual carpet. It mainly introduces 73 sets of household carpet and commercial Wilton carpet loom, akeminster carpet loom, tufted carpet loom and BCF drawing machine and auxiliary equipment.

Quality control points of carpet surface construction:

1) The surface of base course must be flat without pits, pits and cracks, and it should be kept clean and clean. The uneven places should be filled and leveled with cement mortar in advance;

2) After cutting, each carpet should be about 20mm longer than the length of the room. The width should be calculated by the size after cutting the edge of the carpet, and the edge part of the carpet should be cut by snapping the line;

3) When using wooden card strip to fix carpet, it should be 10-20mm away from wall corner around the room, and fix the card strip on the base course;

4) Carpet is a back seam, which is glued with thread seam or tape. It shall be firm and flat at the joint. After the joint is completed, the fluff at the front of carpet interface shall be repaired with shovel;

5) Stretch the carpet in the vertical and horizontal direction by stretch with a tension device, so that it is tight and flat. The thrust should be appropriate. If the carpet is too large, it is easy to tear the carpet, and the uneven bed is too small, and the bed should be carried out step by step; When laying the movable carpet, the cross control block shall be laid in the middle of the room according to the crosshairs, and then the cross control block shall be laid around.