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Why square carpet

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Square carpet originated in Europe and America, has been the choice of foreign office floor materials. At present, more and more office space in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou choose square carpet as floor material.
Convenient transportation
Because of its small size and light weight, square carpet is more flexible and convenient in transportation than stone and wood floor, which can improve the construction efficiency.
Change freely
If a certain area or even a piece of square blanket is polluted, it can be quickly replaced without affecting the normal work. This feature can ensure that the owner changes the carpet every few years, so as to create a new office atmosphere for the staff.
Sound absorption and shock absorption
The place where the carpet is laid will not have the noise and vibration caused by the frequent collision between the hard ground (stone, wood floor, etc.) and the sole of shoes. While greatly reducing the noise caused by high-heeled shoes, it can also effectively alleviate the leg and foot fatigue of female white-collar workers, so as to create a quiet and comfortable office environment.
Safety and antiskid
Laying square carpet can effectively avoid sliding, so as to improve the anti-skid performance of easy sliding areas such as hall, stairs, tea room, toilet, window area in rainy days.