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Carpet purchasing knowledge and maintenance

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1、 Prevention and protection
This is not only the basic procedure of the carpet maintenance system, but also a very important step. Because proper prevention and protection can prevent carpet contamination, avoid erosion and wear of fabric dimension, keep carpet clean and durable, reduce the need for cleaning and maintenance, and save expenses. It has two main prevention methods: one is antifouling combination, that is, the combined antifouling floor mat is laid at the entrance and exit of the building or on the high flow channel to isolate the outdoor mud, sand and dirt outside the door and keep the indoor carpet clean and free from wear. The second is fiber antifouling, that is, the antifouling agent of carpet and furniture cloth is sprayed on the carpet. The antifouling agent can form a fluorine compound protective film on the outer layer of the carpet fiber to prevent water, oil or dust from seeping into the fiber, give play to the antifouling and cleaning functions, and make the carpet cleaning easier.
2、 Local decontamination
It is common to splash the carpet in case of carelessness. At this time, the carpet decontamination agent should be used immediately to remove the stains, so as to avoid dirt accumulation and penetration into the inner layer of the fiber, resulting in difficulty in cleaning in the future. There are usually two situations: one is "general stains". At this time, carpet and furniture cloth cleaning antifouling agent should be used. It does not need to be washed with clean water, which is convenient and fast. The second is "stubborn stains". Due to the long-term accumulation of dry dirt, it is quite difficult to clean. At this time, special carpet detergent should be used to clean stubborn stains. An extended nozzle is provided in use, which can be used for deep cleaning, especially for the cleaning of oily and water-soluble dirt.
3、 Regular cleaning
The carpet spray cleaning system is used for regular cleaning to keep the carpets clean and durable. The use of low speed single disc washing machine (175rpm) and carpet spray cleaner and carpet cleaning pad can be used conveniently and quickly, save time and cost of cleaning, and reduce the need for comprehensive renovation.
4、 Comprehensive renovation
When the carpet still fails to restore its bright and clean after repeated regular surface cleaning, or is seriously contaminated due to accidents, it needs to be "deeply cleaned" to completely remove the dirt hidden in the fiber and renovate it comprehensively, so as to restore the luster of the carpet and maintain its softness and comfort. The comprehensive renovation and maintenance procedure is complex, and the steps are as follows:
1. Spray carpet cleaner to loosen the accumulated dirt.
2. According to the needs of cleaning machinery, carpet cleaner or non foaming cleaner shall be used for cleaning.
3. Spray carpet antifouling agent to complete the antifouling and cleaning process. Comprehensive renovation is a very time-consuming, manpower and material link in the maintenance system. If it is carried out frequently, it will seriously consume the carpet organizational structure and accelerate the replacement of carpet