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The selection of carpets shall adhere to the principle of comparing goods with three stores, and the selection of carpets shall adapt to the external environment

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The selection of carpet shall adhere to the principle of comparing goods with three stores, and the selection of carpet shall adapt to the external environment
What kind of external environment your hotel and hotel are in has a great restriction on your choice of carpet. The annual average rainfall, average temperature, outdoor relative temperature, humidity, air quality, sanitation and greening are all factors to be considered. If these factors are not taken into account, it will bring great trouble to the carpet in the use process. For example, in the winter of nearly half a year in Harbin, the city is very clean, but the ice and snow on the guests' feet melt as soon as they enter the hotel, causing a lot of pollution to the carpets in corridors and guest rooms. Shanxi is a large coal producing province. Small dust that can not even be seen by the naked eye is brought into the hotel with the entrants' shoes, which brings difficulties to carpet cleaning. Therefore, when the external environment is special, more consideration should be given to the unity of carpet category and environment.

Whether carpet or domestic carpet, manufacturers will have different products, varieties, quality, colors, prices and services due to different equipment, different selection of raw materials, different processing technology and management level. The selection of manufacturers through products can be completed by means of sample comparison, information analysis and enterprise investigation, so as to achieve the purpose of better carpet selection and service.