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Fully popularize the role of square carpet in decoration

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1. It is convenient for storage, loading, unloading, handling and paving. The mainstream rule of square carpet is 50 * 50cm, 20 pieces / box. Compared with full carpet, it does not need professional mechanical loading and unloading, nor does it need to use a large number of manpower for handling, let alone make it difficult to get into the elevator room. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the laying of high-rise buildings. In addition, precise specifications and convenient assembly can greatly improve the pavement efficiency.
2. Small to big, arbitrary combination of patterns, creativity at will. Through the creative collocation of different colors, patterns and lines, the overall visual effect of the carpet can be re created according to the industrial idea map or the style of a specific place. It can not only present the natural interest of casual, simple and leisure, but also express the rigorous, rational and regular spatial theme, but also choose the modern style that highlights the aesthetic tendency of avant-garde and personality.

3. Anytime, anywhere, update on demand, easy to maintain, clean and replace. For locally worn and dirty square carpets, you only need to take them out one by one for replacement or cleaning. There is no need to completely replace them like a full carpet, which saves worry, labor and money. This feature of convenient disassembly and assembly of square carpet provides convenience for timely maintenance of cables and pipe network equipment under the ground.

4. PVC bottom covering material has remarkable waterproof and moisture-proof special properties, so it is especially suitable for the pavement of bottom or underground buildings. At the same time, square carpet also has good flame retardant, antistatic characteristics, excellent dimensional stability and appearance retention, so it is welcomed by all levels of consumer groups.