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How is Dalian office carpet cleaned?

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Nowadays, many enterprises will pave carpets on the ground. As for carpet, it has a strong dust removal effect and can "hide dirt". At the same time, it is also easy to produce small insects and bacteria, which are very easy to infect the body and cause many health problems.
The process of cleaning office carpet is as follows:
1. In the area where the office carpet must be cleaned, remove the articles touching the office carpet as far as possible to facilitate the equipment cleaning afterwards.
2. Lift multiple drinking water with plastic cans, mix the office carpet cleaning agent of technical specialty with drinking water according to a certain proportion (according to the cleaning level of office carpet), and pour the mixed cleaning agent into the floor washing vehicle.
3. The cleaning staff of the technical specialty turn on the carpet cleaning machine, polish (clean) the office carpet, apply the characteristics of the carpet cleaning machine, move the equipment to the carpet that must be cleaned, and clean it back and forth for many times. (carpet cleaning machine is difficult to operate, and laymen should not follow suit) 4 After the office carpet cleaning machine is cleaned, use a high-power vacuum cleaner to absorb the sewage on the surface of the carpet.
5. After repeating the above 2 / 3 / 4 process many times, the carpet has already been cleaned. Next, the sewage in the vacuum cleaner must be poured out (remember: it is not necessary to pour it into the reservoir immediately to prevent blocking the sewage pipeline). First remove the waste that is likely to block the pipeline in the sewage, and then pour the remaining sewage into the swimming pool.
So far, the carpet of the enterprise has been cleaned and tidy. If it is sunny, the carpet will be thoroughly dried in 2-3 days; If it rains, the enterprise must turn on the central air conditioner, and the carpet will be completely dried within 24 hours.