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How to lay and install the square carpet?

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It is common to use square carpet when laying carpet in the office. That is, when choosing office carpet, the popularity is still square carpet. What should square carpet do when laying it and what are its benefits?
1. The pavement has a high flatness: because the thickness and squareness of the square carpet are very good, if it is paved on a less flat pavement, there will be joint marks.
2. Select the starting point: according to the width of the house and the paving plan, after calculation, make sure that a carpet spliced to the surrounding corners has a certain total width (20cm-50cm). Therefore, the starting point is generally not close to all corners. Put ink fountain lines on the starting point here, snap two cross medium and long lines, and ensure the oblique angle at the junction. Then click here to pave in all directions.
3. Pay attention to specificity: there are copied arrow symbols on the back of each carpet, reflecting the same tufting orientation on the carpet surface. When paving, pay attention to maintaining the consistency of orientation along the arrow symbols. Even if the carpets of the same color and batch number can only be paved in the same orientation, it is not easy to cause visual effect color deviation. Therefore, the complete laying of block blanket in the same direction can achieve the visual impact of general large wave blanket laying. If you need unique attributes or according to some carpet surface pattern design characteristics (such as standard pattern carpet surface), you can also choose the vertical paving of blocks and blocks.
4. Block by block tightening: if the road surface is leveled and the included angle of the four blocks at the starting point is at one point, the arbitrary four blocks continuously paved shall be included at one point. Otherwise, it is not that the specification or direct viewing angle of the blanket is not very good, or the pavement is too loose. There must be joint problems, which should be repaired.
5. Imitation cutting: carry out appropriate cutting according to the appearance of wall corners and column capitals to achieve the actual effect of tight closing.
6. Fixing of the opening edge: when paving the door or other opening edges, the special carpet edge decorative strip shall be purchased for closing.
Advantages of square carpet:
Good thermal insulation: square carpet has good thermal insulation and heat transfer performance. It also has the effect of balancing room temperature. It can isolate the cold from the road in winter and maintain the comfort of room temperature. In summer, it can prevent warm air from pouring into the room and keep the room cool
Convenient washing and replacement: the square carpet is easy to disassemble and replace, and the cleaning is also very easy. You only have to remove the old one and replace it with a new carpet, which saves time and effort.
Shock absorption comfort: it is comfortable to step on the square carpet. The whole body is comfortable up and down, which can reasonably alleviate fatigue. It is not easy to have the shock of frequent impact of hard road surface and vamp.
Clean and antifouling: because there are a lot of pile on the surface of the square carpet, the floating dust falling into the indoor space is absorbed on it, which prevents the escape and penetration of floating dust, reduces the composition of floating dust in the air and maintains the gas cleaning in the room.
Sound insulation and noise reduction: the carpet can absorb the echo and noise in the room. Reasonably reduce the spread of noise and environmental pollution, so that you can have a quiet living environment.
Anti slip safety of the ground: it is not easy to slip when walking on the square carpet. Coupled with the flexibility of the carpet, it can greatly reduce the probability of falling and injury, which also has a maintenance effect on the elderly, children and children.
Green and environmental protection: most carpets are made of chemical fiber and synthetic fiber, and the raw materials can be used in the recycling system.