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What kind of office carpet is suitable for the hotel

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Nowadays, no matter the size of the hotel, the hotel carpet has been favored. It can be seen how widely the hotel carpet is used. Compared with other carpets, the style, pattern and color of the hotel carpet are more complete, gorgeous and bright. Hotel Carpet not only plays an important decorative role for the hotel, but also has the advantages of pollution resistance, noise isolation, dust absorption, warmth preservation and so on.
There are many kinds of carpets in the market, different materials, different styles, etc. What kind of hotel is suitable for the service-oriented individual of the hotel? Most of the carpets used are nylon carpets, and more than 90% of the carpets are nylon carpets. The fourth generation nylon fiber has good elasticity, stain resistance, easy washing, and many varieties of color and texture.
There are several rules for the selection of hotel Carpets:
1. Monochrome carpet will make dirt, paper scraps and stains more dirty.
2. If you want to get excited, you can use the carpet with warm color regulator.
3. Multilayer velveteen and cut carpets are difficult to wash. Large rooms use large pattern carpets and small rooms use small patterns.
4. Do not use geometric patterns in the restaurant, but use organic and smooth design.
5. Velveteen soft carpet can be used in places with a lot of walking.
6. If your goal is to relax, use a cool carpet in the dark.