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Detailed summary of laying stair square carpet

* 来源: * 作者: admin * 发表时间: 2022/02/24 16:29:00 * 浏览: 22
Enterprises with ceramic tiles or marble on the stairs are prone to slip on rainy days or rainy seasons. The cement floor is easy to run away from sand and dust. Laying carpet on stairs has become the choice of many owners, which is not only anti-skid and moisture-proof, but also improved in aesthetics. According to the case of office carpet, the points for attention in laying square carpet on stairs are summarized.
1、 The size of stairs needs to be measured accurately, which can reduce loss and utilize waste.
2、 The square carpet shall be cut accurately to avoid leakage on the outside during paving and affecting the appearance.
3、 The inside of the vertical shall be fixed with glue to avoid falling and affecting the use. Special water-based adhesive for carpet can be used for the plane. Attention should be paid to the grade of glue. Poor quality and irritating smell are more serious. Choose carefully, but it is impossible if there is no taste at all.
4、 Edge trimming must be done, otherwise, the visual sense is very poor, the practicability is reduced, and it is easy to tilt the edge when walking for many times. It is suggested that customers should not affect the overall effect because they spend more small money on the closing strip.
5、 Under the handrail, cut the opening of the carpet before inlaying the carpet under the handrail, which will affect the fit between the carpet and the ground. Therefore, customers who are not against the wall on both sides cannot achieve perfect results.
6、 More quantity, reserved for replacement. The area with a large flow of stairs, walkways and others is easy to be dirty and vulnerable. It is recommended to reserve a box of square carpets as a replacement. The office carpet produced in different batches in each factory will have color difference.