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How to choose cinema carpet reasonably

* 来源: * 作者: admin * 发表时间: 2022/02/24 16:31:00 * 浏览: 29
With the economic development, most cinemas have been covered with carpets to improve the grade standard. Is there a certain standard for the selection of cinema carpets, and what types of office carpets are selected in different areas?
There are differences in the selection of carpets in the cinema hall and admission carpets. The outdoor carpets are bright areas and can be seen by guests. In this area, you can choose the ones with unique patterns to give people a refreshing feeling and improve the grade of the cinema at the same time.

In the cinema, the light is generally dark and the carpet cannot be seen clearly. The choice of office carpet is practical, plain color and dirt resistant. At the same time, the loss is relatively low and there is no need for patchwork.
There are a lot of people in cinemas, and the quality standard of carpets is also relatively strict. Most carpets need to pass fire detection to meet the standard. This test standard is B1 carpet, which has requirements for the material of carpet. Most of the materials used can be nylon printing material or nylon material. Of course, if it is not nylon material, it must pass the fire test. It must reach a certain density. The carpet that is too thin and too sparse cannot meet the standard.