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Is it appropriate to lay a carpet on the floor heating

* 来源: * 作者: admin * 发表时间: 2022/03/31 16:32:00 * 浏览: 23
With the cold wave, the northern region has heating to keep warm, while the southern region can only be heated by floor heating and air conditioning. Can household carpets be paved on the floor heating?

Floor heating is mainly through electricity or water flow heating, which is buried under the ground. In winter, many families will consider buying carpet decoration, which looks warm and hesitant to consider floor heating. Usually, we suggest that in places such as hotels, household carpets are not recommended for floor heating. The reason is that the hotel carpet is covered with carpet, and there will be a layer of glue at the bottom and back. The heat of floor heating reaches a certain degree, and the glue will give off taste under the hot air. On the contrary, the service life of the carpet will be shortened, and there will be drum phenomenon.
The square carpet and PVC bottom back in the office area are paved in a large area. The heat of the floor heating can not spread up, which will affect the use of the floor heating. To varying degrees, the carpet will also be worn. It is not recommended to use the carpet and floor heating in a large area in public places.
In the family, instead of full carpeting, some non-woven floor mats can be used in local areas. This has no great impact on the heating of large-area floor heating and can be used.