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Carpet life is closely related to daily maintenance

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Now, with the pursuit of high-quality life, people frequently appear in business and household. However, some people still don't think that carpets are not only troublesome to take care of, but also worry that their service life as ground textiles is too short, resulting in cost waste.
Cost of office carpet life cycle. The cost of carpet life cycle is the sum of the basic manufacturing cost, installation cost, additional expenses during installation and installation, and maintenance cost of carpet divided by the number of years of carpet consumption. How long the carpet can be used mainly depends on the acceptability of its appearance.

The cost of carpet maintenance and office. The service life of carpet is affected by many factors, such as carpet manufacturing quality, fiber, texture, type, color, pattern, cushion, use frequency, use condition, maintenance demand, etc. It can be seen how important the correct maintenance method is to prolong the service life of the carpet. If there is no comprehensive carpet maintenance plan or only an occasional maintenance, the appearance wear and tear must be faster and more serious than the carpet receiving daily care, and the cost of maintenance and repair will change at any time