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Selection and design of office carpet in Dalian

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Considering that office carpets have many advantages, they have been widely used in the design of modern business hotels. Because there is no carpet in the same room or the carpet material, color and pattern design are different, people will have different feelings from the visual effect and psychological state. The hotel can formulate and select carpets of various designs, colors and materials to produce different design styles, such as elegant or gorgeous, delicate or charming, and achieve good hotel decoration design results. Therefore, the selection and formulation of \handmade carpets \.
1、 What is the carpet
Office carpets are made of natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, wool, silk and grass or chemical man-made fibers, which are woven, flocked or textile by hand or mechanical equipment. It is one of the arts and Crafts categories with a long history of tradition in the world. It usually covers the ground of residences, hotels, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, motor vehicles, shipbuilding, airports, etc.

2、 What kinds of carpets are there
According to the classification of materials, office carpets can be divided into pure wool carpets, blended carpets, chemical fiber carpets, plastic carpets, grass woven carpets, sisal carpets, etc.
Pure wool carpet is made of pure wool, including hand woven wool carpet, woven wool carpet and non-woven wool carpet.
Hand woven wool carpet is a pure wool carpet product produced by traditional hand-made technology. Woven wool carpet is a pure wool carpet product developed in modern times. Non woven wool carpet is a kind of short wool carpet without warp and weft weave, such as knitted carpet, bonded carpet, etc., which adheres the wool to the substrate of rubber or hemp.
Blended carpet is a carpet made of pure wool fiber and various man-made fibers such as nylon and nylon.
Chemical fiber carpets, also known as man-made fiber carpets, have many varieties, including nylon (nylon), polypropylene (polypropylene), polyacrylonitrile (acrylic), polyester (polyester), etc.
Plastic carpet, also known as rubber carpet, is made of PVC resin, plasticizer and other auxiliary materials through uniform mixing and molding.
Straw carpets include straw carpets, linen carpets, corn skin carpets, etc.
Sisal carpet is made of natural sisal fiber.