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Advantages of Dalian office carpet

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Advantages and disadvantages of office carpet
(1) Advantages of carpet

Display space
Office carpet has the function of guiding and organizing space in the room, and can also prompt space and create symbolic space. A few sofas and a carpet in a large space create an area or sub space. The space on a carpet is an activity unit, which has a symbolic sense of domain. Sometimes it will produce the focus of business hotel design space.
Keep warm and damp proof
Office carpet can balance indoor temperature and adjust humidity. The carpet is composed of many pile heads and loops, which can reduce the heat loss on the ground, block the invasion of cold air, and make people feel warm.
In winter, the hotel carpet can block the cool feeling on the ground and increase the warmth and comfort of the room;
When the air conditioner is turned on in summer, the insulation and barrier function of the carpet will make it difficult for the low temperature in the room to flow outward through the ground;
When the indoor humidity is too high, the carpet can absorb moisture, and when it is dry, it can emit moisture, so that the carpet can play a moisture-proof effect.
Sound absorption and dryness reduction
The fluff in the carpet has a good sound-absorbing effect, which can absorb the indoor echo noise, reduce the reflection and transmission of sound through the ground and walls, reduce the external noise and the sound of indoor footsteps and furniture movement, and create a quiet environment.
Shock absorption and skid resistance
When walking on the soft and elastic carpet, people are not easy to slide. They will feel relaxed and comfortable, reduce fatigue, and will not have the tremor caused by frequent collision with the sole on the hard ground. Because the carpet is soft and elastic, it will greatly reduce the possibility of injury caused by falling, especially for the elderly and children.
Reduce damage to items and wear on the ground
In case of normal wear and tear or heavy objects such as suitcases rub and objects fall to the ground, the floor tiles are prone to scratches, which are basically irreparable. The carpets are paved, and the guests' mobile phones and other items that are easy to fall down will be much less damaged. The cleaning personnel only need to use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and foreign matters.
Taking into account the progress of science and technology, modern chemical fibers include dust absorption carpets, anti pollution carpets, anti electricity, anti fire carpets, luminous carpets, electric heating carpets, color changing carpets, etc. carpets can also play a greater role in some special occasions.