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How to maintain and clean office carpet

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Office carpets are beautiful, safe, comfortable, clean, sound-absorbing, heat preservation and other characteristics, so many hotels will use carpets. Clean and tidy carpets can enhance the temperament of the whole hotel and leave a good impression on guests.
The renewal cycle of office carpet is generally 5-7 years, but this does not mean that the maintenance of carpet can be ignored.

If the maintenance is not good, it will be terrible in less than one or two years; If the carpet is well maintained, it will still be beautiful and soft as new after five years. Therefore, the cleaning and maintenance of the carpet must not be taken lightly in the operation of the hotel.
Although the maintenance and cleaning of hotel carpet is a big project and a technical job, it can be easily handled with some small skills.
Carpet washing is a highly technical work. The carpet in the hotel room corridor is required to be cleaned once a month, and the room carpet must be cleaned once a quarter; According to the business conditions and the frequency of carpet utilization, the carpet cleaning time shall be flexibly controlled. The carpet cleaning procedures are as follows:
1、 Before carpet cleaning, remove or remove the furniture and articles on the carpet within the scope to be washed.
2、 Completely remove dust from the carpet to be washed.
3、 Check whether there is dirt on the carpet. If so, remove the stain first.
4、 Check whether the cleaning agent meets the standard, and prevent the use of cleaning agents containing grease or residues to prevent the re accumulation of oil.
The test method is to evaporate the cleaning agent to see if the residue is absorbed by the vacuum cleaner. If it can be absorbed, it means that the cleaning agent will not accumulate dirt. To check the quality of the cleaning agent, you can also try it on a small carpet.
5、 After the carpet is cleaned with high foam water, the waste water is sucked up by a pumping and washing machine, so that the carpet is very easy to dry; 6、 Turn the air volume of the air conditioner in the cleaning range to large or use the electric blower to make the naturally ventilated carpet easy to dry.
After the carpet is washed in the corridor of the hotel room, the discarded bed sheets shall be laid to prevent further pollution.
7、 After the carpet is dry, use a vertical vacuum cleaner to completely remove the dust, remove the residue, and straighten out the carpet fiber direction.
8、 Restore the completely cleaned area to its original state.
During routine training, employees should be taught how to care for and maintain carpets, cultivate the awareness of carpet maintenance of all employees, and timely and properly handle problems found.