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Which patterns do tufted carpet manufacturers usually produce

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Tufted carpet is actually a sewing machine with multiple rows of needles. It uses needles on the base cloth to arrange rows of high-speed tufted yarn. The carpet surface structure is relatively diverse. Tufted carpet can meet various needs of business and household in its flexible form.
There are many kinds of processes produced by tufted carpet manufacturers, especially varieties such as multi pile high cut, high cut low circle, embossed circular pile jacquard, etc. the product characteristics of tufted carpet manufacturers are: strong modern pattern, elegant color, rich variety, rich pile.

This is a tufted carpet made of looped polypropylene. With bright color stripes, it is very suitable for business and convenient to take care of.
The unique personality of the flower shape has a strong sense of three-dimensional and bright color matching. After laying, the ground appears to have a sense of color, and the overall effect is elegant, concise and generous.
This carpet is very simple and elegant. The color is subject to the plain color. The pile is full, the foot feels comfortable, and has a strong sense of modernity. It is very suitable for household laying.
The soft lines and elegant colors create a leisurely and relaxed style with a free blanket style, which is suitable for business or household use.

Tufted carpet laying is not only mainly used to increase beauty, but also can play the role of sound absorption, noise reduction, safety and skid resistance, and create a quiet rest environment. The above carpets recommended to you have unique styles and materials. They are also popular products of our tufted carpet manufacturers. I hope you will like them.