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Wilton carpet manufacturer tells you the little secret of Wilton carpet!

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Now Wilton carpet is widely used in the hotel ground area and some public areas. What makes Wilton carpet so popular? Now let me reveal the secret of Wilton carpet.
Wilton carpet has a stable structure: unlike other carpets, Wilton carpet is made of warp and weft woven carpet base and jacquard, so its structure is compact. With the pile yarn buried in the carpet base, it becomes thicker, the pile is held with great strength, is not easy to be pulled out by external forces, and the quality is stable.

Strong color fastness: the pile yarn adopts the original solution dyeing process, non surface coloring, and high color fastness, making the blanket color more beautiful as new.
Fine pile: high warp and weft density weaving, high pile count, fine blanket style, especially suitable for areas with large traffic.

Personalized selection: there is a wide range of options, such as manual flower cutting, sheet flower technology, organizational structure technology, etc., with a strong sense of three-dimensional, flexible adjustment of weft density, high cashmere to meet different quality needs.
Applicable to a wide range of areas: it can be applied to guest rooms, corridors, catering boxes, various public areas and household block blankets.
The seemingly simple Wilton carpet actually hides so many secrets, no wonder it will be favored by people