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Cleaning skills of office carpet

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Cleaning skills of office carpet
(1) Common carpet cleaning
1. First, use a hand-held cleaner with large power to remove dust where there are more dust and pollution problems;
2. Add water diluent into the square carpet cleaning solution and oil reducing agent according to the ratio, and inject it into the polyurethane foam box to clean the square carpet evenly with a "Z" shaped carpet. At the same time, use a high-power water suction machine to suck out the water stains in the square carpet;
3. After the sofa is cleaned, open the window and open the air conditioner to let the square carpet dry naturally. Usually, it can be completely dried after 24 hours.
(2) Wool carpet cleaning
1. The first operation step of dust removal for wool carpet cleaning is to carefully remove dust with a hand-held vacuum cleaner, especially the solid garbage and objects on the ground.
2. Local solution Use special cleaning solution to solve the oil stain, fruit stain and mildew stain on the square carpet separately. The edges, corners and places where the machine cannot be pushed can be solved by hand brushing.
3. Dry bubble scrubbing A single disk sweeper equipped with a bubbler and a square carpet brush is used to scrub the square carpet with dry bubbles. After the cleaning solution has an effect on the square carpet for a while, repeat the brushing work.
4. Combing solves the problem of using square carpet comb or rake to comb the cilia of square carpet, which is very important to the appearance of square carpet, especially the cotton square carpet with long fiber, and can accelerate the air drying of square carpet.
5. After the square carpet wool is completely dried, use a hand-held vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dry blister crystals.