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Which kind of office carpet is more affordable

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Common materials for office carpets include wool and silk fabrics, which are widely used in hotels. Nylon materials, chemical fibers and other materials are more common in office area ground works. So which kind of material is cheaper for office carpet?

The nylon warp knitted carpet has good performance, such as corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, mold resistance, moth resistance, insect resistance, acid and alkali resistance, tensile resistance, bending resistance, etc. It has excellent wear resistance, high quality and low price. It is more suitable for the floor paving of office area.
The other is polyester fabric carpet. If 20% nylon fiber is added to pure wool, the wear resistance can be increased by 5 times. It can also be used with polyester fabrics of synthetic fibers such as polydienyl nitrile cotton fiber. Polyester fabric carpet can deal with the shortcomings of pure wool carpet, such as non wormhole resistance and perishability. It can be paved on the floor of the meeting room.