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How to choose the right office carpet

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How to choose the right office carpet
1. Bottom differentiation:
Pvc material is also called polyvinyl chloride, which is a non-toxic and tasteless white powder. Pvc has good flame retardancy, strong pressure bearing capacity and comfortable foot feel. Its flexibility, skid resistance and moisture resistance are better than asphalt. Suitable for laying on wet ground, cement ground and other places.
The main components of asphalt bottom are oil, resin and bottom asphaltene. Its bottom back is a little hard, sound insulation is good, and the price is cheap. It is popular in European and American countries and regions. Suitable for laying on cement ground and rough ground.

2. Blanket surface division
The nylon blanket surface is bright in color. Compared with the polypropylene fiber material, it has outstanding lodging resistance and can meet the fire protection requirements of high grade B1. It is applicable to the area with large pedestrian flow and large area laying.
Although the flame retardancy of polypropylene blanket surface is lower than that of nylon blanket surface, it has high cost performance, mildew and moth resistance, strong wear resistance, and long service life. It is suitable for those with economic requirements.
The laying of office carpet can block the coolness of the ground and keep the temperature constant. At the same time, it also protects the human body. When you fall, because of the softness of the carpet, it can greatly reduce the possibility of injury after falling.