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Hotel carpet decoration, office carpet manufacturers must tell you something!

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Hotel carpet decoration, office carpet manufacturers must tell you something!
In the hotel carpet decoration, the hotel room plays a leading role. The hotel room needs to have a comfortable, safe and clean environment. Only in this way can guests stay comfortably and have a good mood. Therefore, hotel room carpet decoration must pay attention to many details, otherwise it will have a great impact on the hotel in the minds of consumers.
The hotel carpet should be durable, antifouling and fireproof, and should not be light or pure color as far as possible, which makes people feel warm and harmonious. The carpet can reduce noise, heat insulation and decorative effects, improve foot feeling, prevent slipping, and prevent air pollution.

(1) The hotel room carpet is consistent with the decoration standard and style
Any kind of decoration design is planned and standardized. Whether you are Western style or Chinese style; Whether it is a classical school or a modern school, all these are the benchmark for you to choose carpet types, grades and patterns. Only by adhering to the unity of decoration style and carpet selection can you make your interior decoration design perfect and achieve the goal of adding to the best.
(2) The selection of carpet in the hotel room should adapt to the external environment
What kind of external environment your hotel and guesthouse are in has a great restriction on your choice of carpet. Annual average rainfall, average temperature, outdoor relative temperature, humidity, air quality, sanitation and greening are all factors to be considered. Failure to take these factors into account will cause great trouble in the use of carpet.