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Precautions for selecting chemical fiber office carpet

* 来源: * 作者: admin * 发表时间: 2023/02/28 15:26:00 * 浏览: 17
As the consumption of ordinary families, chemical fiber carpets are widely recognized. However, we should pay attention to the following issues when choosing office carpets.

1. Dust prevention: Generally speaking, carpet cleaning is always a big problem. Many manufacturers have taken this problem into account while improving the quality, and adopted dust-proof fiber;
2. Mould-proof and moth-proof: many carpets can better avoid mites breeding and mildew with their unique manufacturing process and synthetic fiber carpet sub-lining materials such as polypropylene;
3. Anti-fouling: some manufacturers have adopted special anti-fouling technology to enhance the resistance of fiber to most food, beverage and other difficult stains, and bring convenience to decontamination and cleaning work;
4. Abrasion resistance and high elasticity: Generally, office carpet manufacturers have set a product quality guarantee period to ensure the carpet surface loss ratio within a certain period of time, and the carpet surface is still soft and scraped in case of repeated coverage;
5. Anti-static: In order to prevent static electricity, some manufacturers have adopted composite conductive fibers to essentially eliminate surface static electricity generated by friction.
6. Fire prevention: This is only relative, which means that the fire prevention performance is better.
The above is just a few points of attention for general commonness, which should be taken into account when selecting office carpets. However, whether you can choose a carpet with good quality depends on your ability to identify and confirm.