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Problems needing attention in installation of nylon carpet

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Nylon carpet has become the new favorite of hotels and intelligent office buildings with its stable quality, bright color, wear-resistant, antifouling and fireproof characteristics.
Nylon carpet dyeing mainly involves batch dyeing and printing (printing). It mainly describes the technology in batch production of printing and dyeing carpets and points for attention in the installation process: if the one-time production quantity is large, the pigment needs to be transferred out at one time. However, due to the long printing and dyeing time, the long time for the pigment to be placed, the fungus breeding air and other reasons, the color changes slightly, resulting in the color difference of the same batch of carpets (slight color difference), Therefore, when installing the finished carpet, the batch number and batch number of the carpet should be considered, and when constructing the square carpet, the batch number on the packaging box should be considered, one horizontal and one vertical construction method

Problems needing attention in installation of nylon carpet
High-quality carpet paving is important to customer satisfaction. Please pave according to the paving guide. If the carpet is not paved in accordance with the following paving guidelines, the problems arising from the paving shall be borne by the paver rather than the carpet manufacturer, and may result in the inability to enjoy the right of product warranty.
1. Environmental requirements
Carpets should not be paved on walls or wet surfaces. The square carpet manufacturer will not bear the product damage caused by inadequate preparation or improper paving and distribution methods. The following is the paving environment.
Relative moderate temperature PH value
18 ℃ - 35 ℃ 10% - 65% 5-9
2. Paving surface preparation
The office carpet must be paved on the properly treated ground. All cracks, holes and irregular ground must be fully trimmed to ensure a flat and smooth appearance to prevent accelerated wear.