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Office carpet effect | The carpet in the recording room has a good sound insulation effect

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Office carpet effect | The carpet in the recording room has a good sound insulation effect
Office carpet is not only a kind of floor covering material, but also a kind of decorative fabric. Therefore, the performance requirements of carpet fabric have both these two aspects.

(1) Fastness
The carpet needs to bear a lot of pressure. The pressing of furniture and utensils and the trampling of people when walking frequently make the fiber often in a fatigue state. Therefore, the carpet is required to have good wear resistance and pressure resistance. The pile should have good resilience and high density, and it is not easy to collapse. Most of the dust from the daily cleaning carpet is absorbed by the electric motor such as the vacuum cleaner, so the fiber and organizational structure of the carpet must have a certain fastness, and it is not easy to take off the lint.
When carpet is exposed to the air for a long time, its color will be affected due to photosynthesis, especially sunlight, so there are certain standards and requirements for fiber color fastness.
(2) Thermal insulation
The thermal insulation performance of carpet is determined by its thickness, density and fiber type used for pile surface. The carpet is made of numerous tufts or loops to form a thick and soft pile surface. The pile and loop are long and dense, and the carpet with good fluffiness has excellent thermal insulation. When selecting fibers, its thermal insulation should be considered. The thermal insulation of synthetic fibers is generally better than that of natural fibers, while wool is better than silk and hemp in natural fibers. In addition, the warmth retention of the carpet is also closely related to whether there is padding under the carpet and the structure of the padding, so the use of padding can enhance the warmth retention of the carpet.
(3) Comfort
The comfort of carpet mainly refers to the comfort of feet when walking. This includes the performance of the fiber, the softness, elasticity and fullness of the pile surface. Natural fiber is better than synthetic fiber in terms of foot comfort, especially wool fiber, which is soft and elastic, and easy to walk. Chemical fiber carpets generally have the defect of feeling sluggish. Carpets with suede height between 10-30mm have good softness and elasticity, plump without losing strength, and comfortable walking feet. Although the short suede has good durability and is easy to walk, it lacks soft elasticity and poor foot feel.
(4) Sound absorption and sound insulation
Carpets should have good sound absorption and sound insulation performance, which requires careful selection when determining fiber raw materials, carpet surface thickness and density, and consider the size of sound absorption rate to meet the sound absorption and sound insulation performance requirements of different environments. Theaters, large conference halls and other places pay great attention to the sound quality, and strive to avoid noise intrusion. They have high requirements for the sound absorption and sound insulation performance of carpets. Generally, they can be properly used at home.
(5) Antifouling property
The office carpet is exposed in a large area when it is used. People often walk on it and rest on it. Dust and sundries are very easy to damage the carpet. Therefore, the carpet is required to have the performance of not easy to pollute, easy to decontaminate and clean. Carpets used in family rooms need to be stain resistant and convenient for daily cleaning.
Carpets also need to have good antibacterial, mildew and moth-resistant properties. Especially, carpets made of wool fibers are easy to mildew when used in high temperature and humidity environments. Therefore, moth-resistant treatment is required to ensure the good performance and service life of carpets.
(6) Security
The safety of office carpet includes antistatic and flame retardancy.
When people walk on the carpet, the soles of shoes are prone to generate static electricity after rubbing with the suede. Once the fingers contact with metal objects, there will be a slight electric shock. Static electricity also makes the pile on the carpet surface easy to be stained with dust, and produces the feeling of foot entanglement, which is particularly obvious for the chemical fiber carpet. For this reason, some anti-static methods are being studied, such as mixing metal fiber, carbon and conductive fiber materials into pile fiber, or mixing extremely fine carbon black into the adhesive on the back of carpet, which can prevent and reduce the generation of static electricity.
Modern carpets need to be flame retardant, low smoke and no toxic gas when burning. At present, wool carpets have good flame retardancy, while carpets made of synthetic fibers are very easy to burn and melt. The method to improve the flame-retardant property of synthetic fiber carpet is to react with the flame-retardant copolymer at the polymer stage of the synthetic fiber production process, and then spin. This method is widely used in the production of acrylic fiber. The flame retardant is added in the polymer phase and then spun. This method is widely used in the production of polyester fiber. The above methods can improve the flame retardance of synthetic fiber carpet.