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How to choose carpets based on laying location and hobbies

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How can we choose a suitable carpet based on the location of the installation and our hobbies?
1、 Choose a variety of colors
Mainly based on the location of the installation and one's own preferences. The patterns and colors of carpets can vary according to their different process costs, including full pattern, continuous large pattern, small pattern, and plain colored carpets. According to general habits, it is recommended that you arrange as follows:
Study: Choose patterns with fresh and elegant colors and a refined style.
Living room: Carpet patterns with large patterns and smooth lines should create a visually spacious effect. For easy replacement, modular carpets can also be chosen.
Bedroom: It is advisable to choose a carpet pattern with a smaller pattern and appropriate matching, which provides a quiet and warm visual experience. At the same time, the color should be considered to coordinate with the overall furniture.
Restaurant: Carpets should be considered to be frequently contaminated, such as stains on beverages, food, etc. The intricate and colorful small patterns have the effect of covering up stains. Of course, larger festive banquet halls often use brightly patterned carpets to enhance the atmosphere.

2、 Pick material
Wool carpet: Soft, fluffy and elastic, comfortable to step on, and suitable for sitting and lying. Woven wool carpet is a high-end carpet, and wool also has properties such as flame retardancy and low static electricity, making it easy to create a safe and elegant comfortable environment.
Chemical fiber carpet: Usually, when it comes to chemical fiber carpets, people think they are of low grade, but in fact, they are not. Good chemical fiber carpets, such as some nylon, are even more expensive than wool, and of course, higher than polypropylene. Especially flame-retardant, anti-static, and dirt resistant nylon carpets are the top grade in chemical fiber carpets. It is also a nylon carpet, but it depends on the production process. Generally speaking, woven carpets are more tufted carpets, with fine pile and exquisite patterns and rich colors. The price of woven carpets is higher than that of tufted carpets. Similarly, for the same polypropylene material carpet, the price of woven carpet is higher than that of tufted carpet.
3、 Choose quality
Looking back at elasticity: This mainly reflects the comfort of the carpet. Generally, consumers can easily fold the carpet back to back to see if the bottom lining is exposed. Generally, the higher the density, the less likely it is to expose the bottom lining. The higher the density, the better the elasticity, and the more durable it is.
Check for color fastness: Rub the carpet repeatedly with the palm of your hand or wipe it with a damp tissue to see if the palm and tissue are stained. Severe staining indicates poor color fastness.
Look at the label: According to the national carpet label standard, in addition to the product name and trademark, important information such as fiber name, content, pile mass per unit area on the carpet base (the heavier the pile mass, the better), and special properties should also be indicated. By using labels, consumers can understand shopping clearly and judge the price based on quality.
According to the different laying occasions, choose carpets with different production techniques. For example, in areas with frequent trampling, choose wear-resistant loop velvet carpets, or cut velvet carpets with higher quality and higher density of pile per unit area. However, if cut velvet carpets with sparse pile are trampled on for a long time, it will cause pattern changes and pile lodging.
Carpets with high knot density or larger pile weight (grams/square meter) using the same process and raw materials have higher functionality and price.
Carpets made from the same pile material and different pile yarn processes, such as short fiber twisted yarn, textured yarn, and other pile yarns, have higher prices than carpets made from general bulky filament pile yarns.
Some carpets use fibers with special additional properties (such as anti-static, anti fouling, flame retardant, easy to clean, etc.), or carpet velvet yarn has high-tech added value after special performance post-treatment (such as oil proof, anti fouling, waterproof, etc.), and its price will also increase.