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Knowledge of daily maintenance of carpets

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Proper daily maintenance of office carpets helps to maintain their original suede appearance for a long time and extend their lifespan. Regularly cleaning carpets is beneficial for indoor air cleanliness and reduces tangible or intangible pollution. Commercial carpets in public places will develop a maintenance system for carpets based on different usage environments and pedestrian flow, which will be maintained by professional personnel on a daily basis.
The maintenance and cleaning of household carpets should focus on maintenance. Maintenance is the systematic and preventive maintenance of office carpets. Carpets are often cleaned with efficient vacuum cleaners, supplemented by cleaning, and carpet stains caused by contingency should be cleaned in time.


The main reason for the carpet to gradually become dirty is the outdoor dust and other pollutants caused by people stepping on it. Therefore, laying a door mat with dust removal effect outside the room is a good preventive measure, and regular cleaning of the door mat can effectively reduce the pollution source of the carpet. In addition, it is necessary to regularly use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from carpets and reduce indoor floating dust, maintaining good indoor air quality. Generally, when laying carpets in households, the flow of people is not very high. It is recommended to vacuum the living room at least once a week. Try to vacuum the living room, hallway, and other areas once a day. If conditions permit, hiring a professional service department to use spray suction cleaning equipment to clean office carpets once a year will result in better results.